Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile that I absent myself from updating my blog. Many things happened in my life nowadays. I now finally in my final semester of my master degree program. After that, I'll be finishing up my research.

In this final semester, I'm taking a subject namely as Research Methodology, a must taken subject before I proceed to my research project. I've been thinking to do research on Knowledge Sharing culture or Personal KM since my master is Master of Knowledge Management with Multimedia.

The main point I want get into those two areas for my research is because of my mum. As in my previous posts, I wrote about my mum that had ovarian cancer. I want to create awareness how important for us to know about this type of cancer (beside breast cancer & cervical cancer) that is one of the most dangerous cancer that to-date we have known but we always neglect to know more about it.

My mum had her regular check up at Gleneagles Medical Centre once in two months if I'm not mistaken. The last two months medical check-up result told us that her cancer level in the blood is increasing back, by the way in a little by little.

Lately, she had liquids came out sometimes (Dr. Maha, intestines specialist, said it's not blood). And yesterday, my mum had her check up again with Gleneagles' Oncology Specialist, Datuk Dr. Fuad and he wants my mum to do the CT Scan this Thursday for deeper screening due to her previous check up result & her latest condition.

If you meet my mum, you will not notice that she's having those condition. She looks fine, cheer & healthy. =)

Just now in the morning, when I'm about to go to campus, my mum told me that she might have to do chemotherapy sessions back. This news made me shake & speechless. But I pretended to be calmed, accepting the news & encouraging my mum.

When I'm about to leave the house, I'm reversing my car from the porch with my mum waiving at me, my heart suddenly touched. As I'm leaving the house, I'm burst into tears all the way to Cyberjaya. I've tried to hold it many times but instead my chest was in pain...

p/s : I want to make this thing open because I want to stress that we should aware of our loved ones condition, our parent, ourselves, our friends & our lovers. We must explore and get more information about any diseases surrounding us that may end our life silently...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Beyonce Cancelled Again ?!! TWICE

I hope Beyonce/her management/foreign artistes/all people will read this.

I already bought the ticket of Beyonce's concert live in Malaysia since in the first week of the pre-sale & Beyonce made it again, postponed (or cancelled straight away perhaps?) her concert here for the SECOND time.

This time is the worst as tickets have been already sold to the public since 15th September if I'm not mistaken.

From the online news & from the organizer's words, Beyonce ONLY postponed and will reschedule to a future date BUT from many of Malaysian fans think that the future date will not be confirmed like Rihanna's concert, the date was hung since February till now.

And maybe at last Beyonce will not come to Malaysia after all, and maybe in the future she will not come.

The reason behind the concert's postponement was stated in The Star, “The postponement is solely the decision of the Artiste and has nothing to do with other external reasons".

I'm really sorry Beyonce and I love you so much but our heart was really broken.

Is that really true Beyonce that you postponed it because of your sole decision? Why you did not state what is/are the real reason? Or is it because of the dresscode that you think it is really trash and you feel that you do not deserve to be told to dress like in the dresscode? (I personally OBJECT/DISAGREE with our government's dresscodes guide for foreign artistes to perform in Malaysia, but what we can do?)

Beyonce should take a look on how Gwen Stefani and Pussycat Dolls did when they did their show in Malaysia.

On 2007, Gwen Stefani did her concert on 21st August despite of the dresscode and those retarded conservartive Muslim groups. She adhered the dresscode and she still fabolous and looks very stylish in her modified costumes that she said it was her 'major sacrifice'. Here are some of the pictures from her 2007 concert in Malaysia that I took from other websites :

As the Pussycat Dolls, on 2006 they did a concert in Malaysia too and it was in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. But unfortunately, they were not told of the dresscode (even though the venue was in a water theme park) and the concert organizer was fined of RM10,000. BUT Pussycat Dolls came back to Malaysia and they performed in MTV Asia Awards 2008 AND they dressed by the dresscode. Even though they modified their dance routines a little bit but they still looks HOT and made the crowd went crazy for that night.

Here are some of the pictures of Pussycat Dolls performing Buttons & When I Grow Up in MTV Asia Awards 2008 plus with the red carpet, press conference of the event & album promotional press conference in Kuala Lumpur:

Looks how professional Gwen Stefani and Pussycat Dolls were to entertain their Malaysian fans. High salute to them and it was really appreciated by us Malaysian fans. Can Beyonce do the same like Gwen & PCD did to show her professionalism as a high-class artiste?

If Beyonce worries if those maniac fanatic insane conservative Muslim groups will do something at the event, actually Beyonce is wrong and need not worry because the government & the organizer will provide maximum security by sending out FRU squads (Fast-Reliable-Unit) to guard and protect the event from anything bad happen.

This FRU is totally reliable and brutal when dealing with those groups that clash with the law especially during riot and disturbing public's safety in Malaysia. Even during Gwen Stefani's 2007 concert that time, FRU squads can bee seen around the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium guarding, preventing and securing the concert from any unwanted things to happen.

For now, I will request a refund from the tickets company, Axcess since there is no future date will be announced & it is really tiring plus saddening in waiting. I just hope Beyonce will change her mind and continue the concert on the current date that is totally beyond my imagination and 99% won't come true.

Sincerely wrote by one of Malaysian Beyonce's fan,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beyonce "I Am..." Tour LIVE in Malaysia, 25 Oct 2009

I still cannot believe that Beyonce will come to Malaysia for her Beyonce "I Am..." World Tour 2009 that will be on 25th October next month. As I checked the ticketing website http://www.axcess.com.my , I finally believed that this concert is CONFIRMED and followed by her website official statement about this concert.

Tickets are range into RM583, RM383, RM283, RM183 & RM93. There are VVIP seats but the price is unknown. The concert will be held in National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

I will go to this concert but I will consider whether I should buy the RM383 or RM283 cause I'm out of my budget now... isk isk...

As we all know that Malaysia have strict rules for foreign artistes regarding their behaviour and dress codes when they are performing on stage. For example, female artist must wear anything that can cover from the chest to thigh (before knee).

So here are the Beyonce "I Am..." Tour costumes that she wore during the concert in other countries but I edited the pictures that I think it will be considerable by the authority. To play safe, these are my thought on how Beyonce should wear together with her already made costumes. Mostly just wear half-leggings (Click the pictures to enlarge) :

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SS501 Autograph Session (Fan Meeting) in KL, Malaysia, 3/9/09

From Warner Music Malaysia :


日期:3 September 2009
地點: One World Hotel ,Bandar Utama,Petaling Jaya
Jasmine & Orchid Room,Level C

*fans have to buy their album at the venue.. =)
*since it Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslim), it is encourageable for Muslims to bring their snacks for example a bottle of mineral water & dates/sweets for Iftar (time to eat at sunset)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad..it's been a week

Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)

The picture was taken by me when I passed by in LRT at Pasar Seni Station. Someone made a graffiti painting of Yasmin Ahmad. Today also TV3 played tribute to her on Majalah 3 for one hour. A very touching tribute.

Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad. May Allah bless your soul... Amin


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Updates On My Mum

Friday evening, my mum was brought to Gleneagles' emergency room as she felt very pain in her stomache. She cannot fart "kentut" since Wednesday and that made the gas trapped inside. Doctor gave her injections to reduce the pain. After that she felt okay and we went home.

But Saturday morning she felt pain again. This time we brought her to meet her personal cancer doctor, Datuk Aziz who operated her last 5th May. After the session, the doctor decided that my mum should be warded and she was warded yesterday afternoon.

Now is Sunday, my mum still do not feels okay. She keeps vomitting all the time. She have not eat and drink anything since Friday. All that she vomitted was the antibiotics that gone through into her body. The other doctor that specialize in digestion said if she still not getting better tomorrow, my mum will be operated to correct her testine as last time during the cancer operation, part of her testine was removed as the cancer already spread a bit there.

I hope my mum will get better as soon as possible. It was tough moment to see my mum vomitting and it hurt so much. The tube was put through her nose till into her stomach to suck all the liquid inside to prevent her from keep vomitting.

It also was a right decision for me of not going to Daejon, South Korea as I was selected by MMU to go the exchange program that is on 27 May. Maybe God want to show me that it is better for me to stay here in Malaysia. But dear God, I hope everything will be okay and my application to study in Taiwan will be approved thus I get the scholarship. If not, I will not go then.

~what a tough moment~

- is wondering why do I deserved this? Does anyone that I helped before is now available during this time? When they are happy, they left us...when they really need help, clever to find us,pretending and lying to get our help... God bless !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today is the day that my mum will be operated in Gleneagles Medical Centre, Jalan Ampang, KL. Since then, this will be the 6th time she will be operated & 2nd time for cancer removal.
My mum is very positive, I'm really proud to have a mum like her. She even said to me "Mama tak nak mati lagi,"... =)

Ya Allah (dear God), I'm begging & praying to You for my mum's today operation to be succesful & my mum will be okay thus she will recover as soon as possible. Please expand my mum's life & make her heatlh getting better and better. Amin...